Who We Are

IQS Holdings provides consulting services in waste, water and environmental management in the mining, industrial, oil and gas, power generation sectors and government spheres. We are passionate about our clients and our mission statement is: “Relentlessly pursuing real solutions”, contributing to our clients’ success.

IQS respects the conventional, but prefers a progressive, solution-based approach to projects. We endeavour forming strategic alliances with clients as prudent. IQS leans towards virtual consulting in working with other consulting specialists in pursuing cost-efficient effectiveness in order to total more than the sum of our parts.



Waste & Environment

Integrated Waste and Environmental Management

We perform both individual and integrated tasks regardless of size. Pending the nature and complexity of a project we merge specialist waste and environmental disciplines to resolve challenges facing our clients. We also interconnect project outcome to an organization’s environmental management systems pursuing progression in performance and integrated operations.


Integrated Stakeholder Engagement

We have an in depth understanding of diverse engagement and communication and how these synergise with sustained development and open dialogue with stakeholders. Our engagement and communication methodology align with international best practice such as the Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation Performance Standards.


Strategic Advisory

We are experienced in advising clients in developing custom designed strategies that on practical level solve environmental challenges facing a client and simultaneously provide overall strategic direction to an organization. This normally involves understanding an organization’s environmental performance and risk and based hereon assist in respect of formulating a compelling environmental vision and progressive strategy supported by sustainable policies, objectives and resourcing.


Specialist Services

We provide various specialist waste services over a significant project spectrum. We further believe in co-opting industry leading specialists on a project specific basis as required. This approach provides for specialist and domain expertise, to the benefit of our clients, within an integrated project design and execution approach.



Our values are integral to our products and client relationships. We always strive to justly deliver on client needs and expectations. Our service offerings vary from single tasks to integrated projects. We believe in consulting synergistic where appropriate and project outcome totals more than the sum of its participating specialists.

Waste & Water

We develop various regulatory and environmental planning instruments to achieve clients’ objectives in respect of legislative requirements and the Integrated Waste and Water Management Hierarchy.
We are experienced in Industry/Integrated Waste and Water Management Plans and Strategies and have strong focus on enabling these through organisational structure, procedures and actions and communication strategies. We also provide assistance in assessing water and wastewater treatment plants to rectify and optimize plant performance.


Waste-to-Energy qualifies as a High Potential Opportunity towards enhancing green economies and energy augmentation.
We undertake applications for the relevant legal authorisations required for Waste-to-Energy projects and works in close alliance with companies technically proficient in Waste-to-Energy solutions.


We undertake all authorisations required in terms of NEMA, NEMWA and NWA and integrate the required co-opted specialist consulting services.
We migrate towards minimising uncertainty in impact prediction and management of the challenges threatening the social and natural environment. Where appropriate we take a life cycle approach towards EIAs and strongly leans towards environmental justice.


We selectively develop, present and assess training courses and material in respect of waste, water and the environment.
We are committed about growing people to assist in providing them with skill sets fulfilling their career paths and visions. Courses currently presented include waste management legislation, integrated waste management planning, waste classification and assessment, and contaminated land.

Compliance Strategies

Although there is no single formula for achieving compliance, we develop compliance strategies that are proactive or restorative in nature.
Our strategies involve one or more of the following: assessment on state of compliance, incremental remedial actions, creating correct organisational structures and accountabilities and performance monitoring for acquiring intelligent data in pursuance of sustainable environmental compliance.

Due Diligence

We undertake proactive and retrospective environmental due diligences.
Proactively, we do assessments of waste and environmentally related licences as well as compliance audits and strategies to minimise enforcement risk. Retrospectively, we do due diligence audits to identify potential environmental risks and liabilities prior to selling or purchasing a property.

Contaminated Land & Rehabilitation

We do phase risk assessments of contaminated land and identify remediation options in accordance with stipulated legislation.
Our approach can minimise client liabilities and risks associated with contaminated land that resulted from historic, current or future uses of land involving hazardous substances caused through pathways affecting human health and the environment.

Waste Classification & Assessment

IQS is well experienced in providing consulting services for waste and hazardous waste generators to conform to various GN Rs.
These regulations respectively require waste classifications, safety data sheets and waste manifest systems (GN R. 634) as well as waste assessments prior to disposal on landfill (GN R. 635) with the correct barriers designs (GN R. 636).

Stakeholder Engagement Strategies

We assist clients with early stakeholder engagement processes which is guided by an integrated and structured methodology to enable open stakeholder dialogue.
The Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards underpin our early Strategic Stakeholder Engagement methodology and Grievance Mechanisms as strategic enablers to strengthen positive community relations and subsequent social investment.

Public Participation

We develop and implement Public Participation processes for clients to adhere to legislative requirements for engagement and proactively manage mitigate social and corporate risk.
Although usually driven legislation, Public Participation plays a critical role in the identification of stakeholder concerns, potential project risks and refining the scope of work for developers or specialists. We also provide concise and effective stakeholder facilitation services that enables open dialogue and aid with the identification of strategic issues to mitigate risk.

Strategic Advisory

We provide ad hoc custom designed waste and environmental advisory services with the aim of minimising or eliminating environmental damage.
Our service is solution-based and encompass guidance on a variety of challenges that may face a client ranging from legislative and policy issues to operational, closure and post closure of facilities.

Changes in the quality of our environment and the direction it will take will in time dictate the quality of our future.

We have no control over time, but we do have the choice over direction.

The future of our descendants’ environment will therefore either be enhanced or impaired by our present choices of direction.

– Leon Bredenhann

Mutationes et qualitati elit nunc imponere tendent quale futurum tempus.

Nos non habemus potestate super tempore, sed non habet arbitrium super directionem.

Futuris posteris, vel consectetur mauris vel adimit igitur superi, arbitrio fertur.

– Leon Bredenhann




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